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As experts at delivering international world class conferences and exhibitions we understand the finer details that make the difference between an ordinary and an exceptional event. Our track record speaks volumes in that our events continue to grow and our relationships with the industry sectors strengthen as we become known as integral parts of the community.

Integrative & Personalised Medicine Congress

Designed for medical and healthcare professionals who are looking to be part of an international movement to bring partners together from varying disciplines to focus on patient-centred, whole-person medicine.

The congress featuring an International exhibition and three cutting-edge conferences, will showcase the latest in evidence-informed whole-person approaches to healthcare by combining conventional medicine with lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches.

Your Life and Cancer

Your Life and Cancer is an annual online event for everyone who is affected by cancer. It is designed to aid cancer treatment, enhance quality of life and improve possible outcomes.

The second Your Life and Cancer event took place online over two weekends from 29-30 January and 12-13 February 2022 and welcomed a community of oncologists, doctors, nurses, therapists and people sharing their own personal experiences with integrative cancer care.

Recording are available to purchase. For more information, please email

Integrative Oncology UK

Integrative oncology aims to optimise health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during, and beyond cancer treatment.

During the one-day online event, oncologists, doctors, researchers, clinical nurse specialists, nutritionists and mind-body experts will share their knowledge on the science and evidence base underpinning lifestyle and complementary approaches in cancer care.

European Congress for Integrative Medicine

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine (ECIM) took place live online from 4-7 November 2021. With more than 125 speakers, 130+ poster presentations and an international exhibition, the congress welcomed more than 600 attendees from 46 countries.

As part of a movement of change,  medical doctors, practitioners, healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, practitioners and health politicians came together to facilitate the advancement of healthcare systems which combine conventional medicine with safe and effective evidence-informed, lifestyle, complementary and traditional methods of treatment.

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